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We’d like to invite you to talk about and learn about teaching science in the world we live in today.

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Dynamic Science Learning was created by me, Jeanah Hong.  I have taught science at all levels of pre-K through 12 education, both in public and independent schools.  I've worked in the central offices of the largest school system in the nation (NYCDOE), have a MBA, and have worked in corporate America, as well.

But, I love teaching science.  It is my passion, it is what I am trained in, it is my craft, and it is my calling.  I've explored other options and taken some twists and turns in my career, which have led me to solidify this conclusion.  Science is the most challenging discipline to teach, as you know, which is why I decided to create Dynamic Science Learning.

Dynamic Science Learning provides a space and community for you to learn and grow as a science teacher so that your students will also love science and want to learn more, just like you do.

Please come explore our community, join our discussions, utilize our resources, and reach out to us if you would like dig deeper into coaching and curriculum development.  We are happy that you stopped by.  Welcome to the DSL Community!



Inquiry-based and experiential science learning rooted in constructivism enables students to have a richer, fuller, and more meaningful science learning experience.

Best Practices

If there is a best way to teach science, we like sharing it with you.

Peer Coaching

What's better than learning from a fellow science teacher who has extensive experience in the field?

Lesson Sharing

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  We all use the wheel in many different contexts.

Meet Some of Our Community Members


Teachers College, Columbia University

NYC Public School Teachers


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